Student and Parent Testimonials

“Audrey is amazing and I love her and I HIGHLY recommend her. Her piano teaching style, her games, everything is amazing. 

You will love her. I still do, even though she doesn’t teach me anymore.” 

Student, age 10

“I highly recommend Audrey Horowitz Piano Studio. My daughters both took lessons with Audrey for several years and we were thrilled with the experience. Audrey is a gifted pianist and an outstanding teacher. Her emotional intelligence shines through in her interactions with children, and she creates a warm and welcoming environment that makes learning fun.” 


“Audrey is, in my humble opinion, a phenomenal musician and also a great piano educator. She was able to easily adapt to the very different needs and temperament of my 10-year old kid and myself. She is a strict and serious teacher, but also not intimidating and extremely patient. Her instrument knowledge is very deep and she shares it with great joy and enthusiasm with her students. I would strongly recommend Audrey to anyone interested in learning to play well and enjoy piano." 

Adult Student and Parent

“I sought piano lessons as a way to stimulate healing neuroplasticity while I was recovering from a 14 year battle with brain encephalitis. Audrey not only accepted the challenge to teach and train me, she also was extremely intuitive in her field of expertise like no other piano teacher I've ever experienced. She applauded my step by step successes on my good days and encouraged me compassionately on my not so good days. Each lesson was fun and I really got excited when another bit of music theory clicked inside my healing mind. My improvements and success in technique and note reading has developed a confidence in me and has helped me to believe that I do have a gift of music to enjoy and share. Learning to play the piano has enriched my life.” 

Adult Student